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21st June 2020

We are opening – kind of!

Now that we have entered Phase 2 of the Coronavirus recovery pathway, the Scottish Government is allowing dental practices to reopen. However, it is NOT a return to normal service. In Phase 2 we are only allowed to see patients with an urgent emergency in the practice, so we are not booking routine appointments yet.

We reopen from Monday 22nd June to provide our Emergency Care Service. The practice door will be locked – we are only allowing patients entry who have an appointment booked – so please do not turn up unannounced. We will ask you to socially distance when in the practice, sanitise your hands on entry, and follow the instructions of our staff – for everyone’s safety.

We have also made some other changes to the practice. The reception staff will be behind a perspex screen. The waiting room has fewer chairs, and all our magazines and leaflets have been removed. The water cooler has gone and our patient toilet is not in use at the moment – so please use the lavatory and brush your teeth before you leave the house. The dentist and nurse will likely be wearing more significant PPE than before – do not be alarmed by this – again, it is for everyone’s safety.

During lockdown the Health Board created several Urgent Dental Care Centres. These UDCCs are able to provide some treatments not able to be performed in general dental practices in Phase 2. These centres are not for routine care – only emergencies. When you contact us with a problem, if it is appropriate, we will either arrange an appointment with us, refer you to a UDCC, or provide advice to attempt to keep you comfortable until Phase 3 when things will probably return slightly more to normal.

Please telephone us on 0141 332 4622 to discuss any issues you may have. Again, this is for emergencies only, so please try to keep the line clear for this reason.

We hope to see you again very soon when the Government announce Phase 3 and things begin to return to normal.

27th May 2020

We are now moving into the first phase after lockdown (Phase 1 of the Scottish Government Plan).

We have been instructed by the Chief Dental Officer that resuming normal dental practice is unlikely to happen in this phase. We are working on a roadmap for individual practices to be open providing our own emergency care by 31st July 2020 at the latest.

Meanwhile, all Emergency Dental Care will be provided in the new Urgent Dental Care Centres. If you are a registered patient and are experiencing severe pain, swelling, trauma or severe bleeding, access to an appointment will still take place by contacting our practice by calling us on 01505 321030 where, after leaving a message, a member of our staff will call you back and triage your call.

We are available Mon-Fri 9am-6pm to triage your calls.

We are cancelling future appointments when we realise they can no longer be fulfilled.

We will, however be rearranging all appointments, in stages, depending on Scottish Government guidance.

We will contact you when restrictions have been lifted that will allow Routine Dental Care to take place (This is likely to be in Phase 3 of the Scottish Government Plan).

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Please continue to Keep Safe and we all look forward to seeing you in the future.

We have created a self help document which may help you to help yourself. Please click the image below to access it:

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